2016 Super Series Final Standings

The Mould Works Super Series is now wrapped up for the 2016 season.  We saw great races and points positions change all year. Now that the smoke has cleared from all those burn outs we are ready to announce our champions and runner ups.

We want to first thank each and every competitor, their families and friends for the season-long support of the program.  We especially want to extend a special thank you to our series sponsors; Mould Works, Simmonds Express and Woodworks, Clear$hot Customs, Nerd Pickle, Western Overhead Doors along with Brown’s Racing, Fox’s Auto Sound, Boomer and Deb Duquette, Rocky’s Harley Davidson and Misener Motorsports for their additional class payouts.

image1Our Track Champions:

Mould Works Top ET Champion
Lou Brehm #7X71

Clear$hot Custom Mod ET Champion
Eric Marsh #1X04

Nerd Pickle Street ET Champion
Sean Brydges #4721

Western Overhead Door Jr. Dragster Champion
Metzeler Morse #679X

After of our competitors best 8 races, Top ET racer, Lou Brehm, a veteran racer yet one of our new points members, having gained 60 points in Race 2 allowed him to stay ahead of runner up Craig DeGouw and keep the lead and become Track Champion after the final event.

In Mod ET Eric March’s dedication of years of being one of our points members, and having gained 70 points in Race 6 certainly assisted him in taking the 15 point advantage to be titled Track Champion against runner up Vinnie Bombini. Our 3rd and 4th place winners sure gave them a run for their money.

As a new points competitor in Street ET, Sean Brydges  becomes the new Track Champion with 3 wins in the series but only a 45 point lead,  leaving our last year champion Aaron Vince as runner up.

Trying so hard to get that perfect light as experienced Jr. Dragster racers, Metzeler Morse and Bradley Deeks finished the Mould Works Super Series tied with 220 points each.  As a result of an IHRA ruling, Metzeler Morse takes the Jr. Dragster Track Championship title again this year only because she had 1 more race win in the series than Deeks.  With the highest number of points class competitors, which the racing world needs to keep evolving, all 20 competitors have become awesome Jr. Dragster racers; we have a 5-way tie in 9th place – just 100 points behind Morse and Deeks.  Keep up the hard work Jr’s and continue being the great sportsmen your parents and grandparents can all be so proud of.

We are more than ecstatic to announce for the first time since Michelle and Jay have taken over the track, as well as becoming an IHRA sanctioned track this year, allows the qualifying top competitors of Top ET, Mod ET and Jr. Dragster to represent St. Thomas Raceway Park at the IHRA Summit Super Series World Championship for the Summit World Finals in Memphis, Tennessee, Oct 20-22.   Point series Track Champions unfortunately without a X number will not qualify to race in Memphis, Tennessee as IHRA rules stipulate that IHRA “X” number licenses must updated/be purchased prior to the start of the racing season. The next highest points “X” number IHRA member will then be eligible to register the competition.  Later this month in Memphis, we will be having in Mould Works Top- Craig Degouw, in Clear$hot Customs Mod- Al Blancher and in Western Over Head Doors Jr. Dragster- Metzeler Morse go forward to the IHRA World Finals.  Best of luck racers!!!!!!

The series sponsors support is what makes it possible to continue to provide this type of points program to the racing community. We also really appreciate all of our track sponsors’ ongoing support each year that assists making everything run smoothly for a successful season of racing.  Sponsors are everything…we couldn’t do this without you!!!!
And of course, the dedicated staff and volunteers, along with our wonderful group from St. Johns Ambulance, all of whom make this track what it has become while sweating through this summer’s heat wave each and every long race day, certainly deserve a big round of applause for their efforts and devotion to our racers’ and spectators’ safety and enjoyment throughout our entire season.

Our 2016 Mould Works Super Series Awards Banquet will be held Sat Nov. 12 at Masonic Hall, St. Thomas, 5pm-1am. Tickets: Adults $40; Children $20. For your convenience you can stay in RV’s/Campers at Masonic Hall or at the track. Hotel discount available at Comfort Inn, St. Thomas – just tell them you’re from St. Thomas Raceway Park…book soon and get your banquet tickets at the front gate.

Thanks again for all of your support and we hope to see all of our racing family at our famous Turkey Nationals.