Annual Cost:

$250 Six Messenger Freight Super Series Points Weekends, plus Dash 4 Cash.

$350 Six Messenger Freight Super Series Points Weekends, plus Dash 4 Cash, PTRA, DSE & Turkey Nationals

$425 Seasonal – Pull in and Park, April – October

Parking Spot Dimensions 20′ x 25′ wide

Special Note: A double-wide corner spot is available with an annual cost of $400. (due to the size of this particular spot) There are several ways racers can work together to share space:

  • Two racers could buy three spots and work off sides.
  • Two racers with spots could position their trailers to make room for two vehicle pit spots.
  • One Race can buy two spots and work off the side.


Sports can be resold to another racer if required, but you must inform Park staff of transfer.


No other privileges and/or discounts come with this program.

Friday Night Arrivals:

If you are coming Friday night for a weekend event, please call Michelle at (519)319-6052; the track at (519)775-0001 or email

NO LATER THAN 6:00PM ON THE THURSDAY PRIOR – to give us sufficient time to mark your spot as reserved. Otherwise if your spot is occupied when you arrive you will have to wait until the end of our Friday Night Street Legal program before gaining entrance into your space. (Does not apply to seasonal parking)